UP-2005 High Temperature UTM

UP-2005 High Temperature UTM(图1)UP-2005 High Temperature UTM(图2)High Temperature Chamber Test Machine

1.Application Microcomputer-controlled universal testing machine is a high-precision, multi-purpose material testing machine that tests the mechanical properties of various metal materials, non-metal materials, composite materials, and polymer materials in the state of tension, compression, bending, shearing, peeling , tearing and other mechanical properties. 


 2.Features 1) Computer + Software control and display 6 kinds test curves: Force-displacement, force-deformation, stress-displacement, stress-deformation,force-time,displacement-time 2) Can be installed extensometer to test deformation of rubber or metal material 3) Can do high temperature test by high temperature oven and furnace 4) Can be installed all kinds of test fixtures, manual / hydraulic / pneumatic fixtures 5) Can be customized height, width, and follow any test standard or customer request 6) Also have Digital Display Type. 3.Technical Parameters

Max. load force


Load accuracy

Class 1 (class 0.5 optional)

Load range

1%-100%FS (0.4%-100%FS optional)

Crosshead   Travel(mm)


Effective   tensile space (mm)


Effective Test   width (mm)


Crossbeam   travel speed(mm/min)


Load resolution


Round specimen   clamping range(mm)

4-9, 9-1414-20

Flat specimen   clamping range(mm)

0-7, 7-1414-20

Tensile grip

Manual Wedge Fixture

Compression   Plate(mm)

Φ100x100 mm

Electronic   Extensometer for metal material

YUU10/50 (optional)

Large   deformation extensometer for rubber

DBX-800 (optional)