Painting Coating Packaging Test Machine

UP-6045 EPE Automatic Hot Melt Bonding Welding Machine

Description:Suitable for   bonding between pearl cotton materials,Use hot plate to melt the material surface, and the equipment   will automatically bond the material. Independent research and development,   patent design, servo drive positioning, fast response, high precision, smooth   action. Can meet all kinds of high-end EPE pearl cotton packaging production.

Features:1.No   Smokeless, no odor, environmental protection, power saving, low temperature,   no baking staff.

2.Intelligent   program
    control, famous brand PLC, guide rail, screw rod, etc., with high precision   and
    long service life.

3.Two working   modes:
    single side double station and double side double station can be selected   free

4.Touch screen   operation, easy to use, simple operation, general workers can skillfully use.
Specifications:1. Model: AC01.6090

2. Air pressure:  0.5-1.0MPa

3. Working area: 600mmX800mm

4. Maximum thickness that can be posted: 450mm

5. Voltage: 380V

6. Drive structure: modular manipulator

7. Equipment dimensions: about 2000mm*about 1200mm*about 2450mm (subject to   actual size)

8. Equipment weight: about 800Kg (subject to actual weight)

9.Stroke height:500mm

10.Needle length:25mm(Adjustable)