Painting Coating Packaging Test Machine

UP-6044 Flexo Ink Proofer With Anilox Roller With Doctor Blade System

Description:Applicable   ink: flexo water-based, UV ink, lithographic, letterpress ordinary or UV ink.

1.The instrument can be   coated, solid color, dot pattern proofing.

2.Ceramic roller rotates   the ink evenly first, then the printing material is printed. The printing   plate cylinder starts to rotate synchronously for one   week to complete the proofing work. The ceramic roller, the printing material   cylinder and the printing plate cylinder run synchronously to ensure the   proofing quality.

3.Using private clothes   and stepping motors, touch screen control, so that operation is more simple,   more precise control.

4.Scraper, ceramic   roller, printing plate roller, printing drum four structure can adjust the   pressure, flexible adjustment;

5.Net roller, scraper   cartridge disassembly and cleaning is simple and convenient.

6.The installation of   printing materials, installation of printing plate and cleaning plate is   simple and convenient.
Main   technical specifications:

1.Control voltage:   24VDC 

2.Power: 0.5KW

3.Inking mode: pipette   Ink Dropping 

4.Proofing material   thickness: 0.01-2mm (flexural material)

5.Proofing material size:   100x405mm

6.Printing area:90*240mm

7.Plate area: 120x405mm

8.Plate thickness:1.7mm   thick flexographic adhesive 0.3mm

9.The pressure of the   roller and the net roller is regulated by the motor and has the scale display   pressure.

10.Roller and impression   pressure: adjustable, with scale indicating pressure.

11.Printing speed is   adjustable: 10-130 M / min.

12.Specification of   ceramic mesh roll: Phi 80x120mm

13.The number of ceramic   mesh rollers: Standard 500 lines (70- 1200 lines can be customized).

14.Suitable for printing   ink: Flexographic waterborne, UV ink, lithographic, letterpress or UV ink.

15.Suitable proofing   materials: paper, plastic film, non-woven fabrics, napkins, gold and silver   cardboard, etc.

16.Appearance size:   550x515x420mm

17.Net weight of   instrument: 88KG