Painting Coating Packaging Test Machine

UP-6043 Automatic Flexo Ink Proofer With An Anilox Roller With Doctor Blade System

Description:This flexo   printing machine mainly includes printing system and drying system.
    The printing proofing machine imitates the working principle of the   printing machine, with adjustable pressure and a wide range of substrates. It   is suitable for printing, packaging, and ink enterprises. It can accurately   predict the hue of ink, and can show the color once in 2 minutes. The color   is checked by bar, and the spot color is correctly matched before it is put   on the printing machine, and the color matching work is completely converted   into the prepress work.
    The Printing Ink Proofer is designed to test the special color before   printed in printing machine. The color matching work is completely changed   into a work before printing, thus it can greatly reduced the production time   of printing machine and reduce the consumption of papers, ink, rag, car   washing water, human labor power and electricity consumption. What's more, it   can improve the stability of the special color.

Machine   Features:

1. The equipment adopts   PLC automatic control, all control (plate roller speed, rubber roller advance   and retreat, scraper pressing and exit) can be operated on the touch   screen, which is convenient to operate.

2. The parameters can be   adjusted at any time according to the needs, and the control is precise.

3. The work is sensitive   and reliable, the maintenance workload is less, the structure is more   reasonable, the layout is simple, and the space is small.

4. This equipment can   realize single and continuous printing, and the printing speed can reach 260   meters per minute.

5. The design is the same   as the pneumatic top structure of the printing machine, which is convenient   to replace the process plate roller and saves the operation time.

6. The printing motor   adopts high-precision servo motor, which can precisely control the printing   length and speed.

7. The drying system   adopts a professional high-precision safety oven, no open flame, ordinary 220   volts voltage can be used, and a thermal insulation hot air circulation   system is adopted, and the maximum temperature can reach 80 degrees Celsius   to ensure the high-speed drying effect.

8. The whole equipment is   equipped with a universal Foma wheel, which can easily move and change the   placement position of the equipment.
Main   technical specifications:
Technical parameters of printing system:

1. Supply voltage: 220VAC

2. Control voltage: 24VDC

3. Power: 0.5KW

4. Air supply pressure:   >0.4MPa

5. Working air pressure:   0.3MPa~0.4MPa
Technical parameters of drying system:

1. Supply voltage: 220VAC

2. Working voltage:   220VAC

3. Power: 3.6KW
Printing parameters:

1. Maximum   printing width: 200MM

2. Printing   speed: 0---260M/m

3. Single   printing length: 0----500M
Other parameters:

1. The longest   single printing length is 9000 meters;

2. The   printing speed range is 0--260 m/s

3. Set the   winding speed to 2 to 10 times the printing speed.