Painting Coating Packaging Test Machine

UP-6005 Automatic Flexo Ink Proofer

Description:The printing   proofing machine imitates the working principle of the printing machine, with   adjustable pressure and a wide range of substrates. It is suitable for   printing, packaging, and ink enterprises. It can accurately predict the hue   of ink, and can show the color once in 2 minutes. The color is checked by   bar, and the spot color is correctly matched before it is put on the printing   machine, and the color matching work is completely converted into the   prepress work.
    The Printing Ink Proofer is designed to test the special color before   printed in printing machine. The color matching work is completely changed   into a work before printing, thus it can greatly reduced the production time   of printing machine and reduce the consumption of papers, ink, rag, car   washing water, human labor power and electricity consumption. What's more, it   can improve the stability of the special color.

Seven   functions:

1. Spot color proofing   multi-segment color development instrument can simultaneously print color   bars of different colors or the same ink color bar 

with different ink layer   thicknesses, and can also print new and old inks on the same printing   material for comparison, providing high-efficiency Color contrast.

2. Four-color ink   detection can detect the hue, gloss and color concentration of the ink;   starting from the control of the quality of the ink raw materials, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling   the quality of the printed products.

3. For customer prepress   approval of spot color, simple color bars can be made for prepress approval   or archive.

4. Detecting the degree   of discoloration of dry and wet inks (For example: purple and dark blue will   turn red after drying, which can be ruled out before printing.)

5. With the use of ink   quantitative meter, it can predict the amount of spot color ink used, and   greatly reduce the loss of residual ink and warehouse accumulation.

6. Data management   Cooperate with spectrodensitometer for color detection, which can measure the   data report (Lab value) of the color bar.

7. With relevant   instruments, the characteristics of ink abrasion resistance, fading,   transfer, light resistance and heat resistance can be predicted. 

The comparison between   the solution method of ink color tester and the traditional processing method   of spot color: content The traditional method of processing spot color Ink color   tester solution method It is difficult to test the hue of the spot color   manually, and the error is large, and it needs to be repeatedly adjusted   after the printing press. , a lot of consumption of printing equipment production   time, materials and so on. Some materials cannot be manually developed to   simulate the printing machine to make color bars. It is fast, accurate and   easy to check. It does not need to occupy the time of the printing machine.   The influence of wet and dry ink changes on the hue is difficult to control   and solve on the printing machine, and the drying time of the ink is too   long. The color bar can be printed before printing, compared after natural   drying, and excluded in advance. When ordering spot colors from a spot color   ink blending company, there are different paper qualities and large   differences in hue; when the quantity is small, ordering is difficult,   time-consuming and expensive, and other unfavorable factors. Color bars can   be printed on the paper to be produced to exclude discrepancies.
Machine   Features:

1. Automatic ink   distribution (adjustable ink distribution pressure, time and speed);

2. The color development   speed and pressure can be adjusted;

3. Multi-segment color   developing roller structure, which can develop 4 color bars at the same time   (inks of different thicknesses or different hues);

4. Using with the   quantitative meter, it can precisely control the thickness of the ink layer   of the color bar, and it is very convenient to make a color matching system   database;

5. easy to operate,   easy to clean;

6.the instrument is   precise and durable.
Main   technical specifications:

1. Power: AC220V 50Hz   250W,

2. The net weight of the   whole machine: about 75KG. The effective area of the ink color bar: 40X200mm   (4 bars) 60X200mm (3 bars) 100X200mm (2 bars), optional

3. Dimensions of the   instrument: 525x430x280mm

4. Ink distribution   speed: 500, 650, 800 rpm on the console of the equipment, and the third gear   is directly adjusted. The device shell can be detached and the speed can be adjusted by stepless   frequency conversion in the machine.

5. Printing speed: 10,   15, 20 rpm on the console of the equipment, and the third gear is directly   adjusted. The device shell can be detached and the speed can be adjusted by stepless frequency   conversion in the machine.

6. Ink distribution time:   1 to 50 seconds,

7. Printing pressure: 0   to 2mm

8. Glue stick (ordinary   ink glue stick, UV ink glue stick optional)