Painting Coating Packaging Test Machine

UP-6042 UP-UV Curing Drying Machine

Description:This is a   transmission type UV curing device, widely used in laboratory and mobile   phone casings, optical discs, membrane switches, UV plastic coatings for   electronic plastic casings; various UV coatings, IMD injection molding   products, ink curing; for curing electronic components , liquid crystal film,   terminal glue seal, mobile phone component bonding, plastic component bonding   and LCD; etc.; The device is small in size, light in weight, well-made, easy   to move, suitable for desktop placement. 

Machine   Features:

1. Tailor-made   according to your needs, using standard profiles to facilitate your operation   and maintenance.

2. This   machine adopts high pressure UV mercury lamp tube, the main peak wavelength   of the spectrum is 365 nanometers, according to the process

 requirements, it adopts focusing design or   parallel light design, so that the equipment can meet your needs and be used   by you!

3. Single lamp   multi-lamp design, the number of lamp sources can be freely controlled,   precise speed regulation device, wide speed regulation range,

 stable operation, and forced air cooling to   ensure lower working temperature.

4. Our UV lamp   can realize "24 hours continuous work".

Machine   principle:Photoinitiators   (or photosensitizers) are added to specially formulated resins, and after   absorbing high-intensity ultraviolet light in ultraviolet (UV) light curing   equipment, active free radicals or ionic groups are generated to initiate   polymerization, crosslinking and grafting The reaction converts resins (UV   coatings, inks, adhesives, etc.) from liquid to solid in seconds (varies).
UV   curing lamp:At present,   the light sources used in UV equipment used in industry are mainly gas   discharge lamps (mercury lamps). According to the pressure of the gas in the   lamp cavity, it is divided into low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure   and ultra-high pressure. High-pressure mercury lamps are usually used for   industrial production and curing (in the hot state, the pressure in the   cavity is 0.1-0.5/MPa). The high-pressure mercury lamp can produce   characteristic ultraviolet (UV), visible and infrared (IR) light with   wavelengths of 310nm, 365nm, and 410nm with strong radiation. The wavelength   of the main peak at 365nm is commonly used in countries all over the world,   and is used for curing and drying bands (below). The so-called "UV   lamp" refers to a 365nm high-pressure mercury lamp).