ICT Testing Machines

UP-8001 Ict Offline Tester New Ict Mda Test Mda Module Test Module Circuit-Level Ate Ict Test Testin

UP-8001 Ict Offline Tester New Ict Mda Test Mda Module Test Module Circuit-Level Ate Ict Test Testin(图1)

UP-8001 ICT Offline tester New ICT MDA test MDA module test module circuit-level ATE ICT test Testing Equipment 
ICT automatic online/offline tester is a necessary PCBA for modern electronic enterprises (printed circuit board assembly) the test equipment produced by ICT has a wide application range, high measurement accuracy, and clear indication of detected problems. Even workers with ordinary electronic technology can easily deal with problematic PCBA. Using ICT can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

ICT test is mainly used to test the open circuit and short circuit of PCBA circuit and the welding condition of all parts by * testing probe contacting the test points out of PCB layout. It can be divided into open circuit test, short circuit test, resistance test, capacitance test, diode test, triode test, FET test, and IC pin test (test jet ` connect check) And other general and special components, such as missing installation, wrong installation, parameter value deviation, solder joint continuous welding, circuit board open and short circuit, and accurately tell the user which component the fault is or at which point the open and short circuit is located.

Features :
Component-level MDA test and circuit-level ATE test can do in the same platform at the same time to save the man-hour in the test station.
Cost-effective: integrated MDA module and function module at any time you want to realize your complicated test work.
Both MDA and ATE automatic switch, additional fixture isolation does not require.
Security: your already existing function module can be integrated as a part of this system through software or hardware linking. You need not tell us the detailed technique about your products.
Flexibility: you can bundle any test module from the current system easily upon your product's innovation. You can update your system just in time.
Nature graphic simulation interface, so that you can debug your test program very easily.
Oracle Database architecture, users can program their special facilities/functions on their own without modifying the system software
1. Database architecture, the test results data write to database to realize central data acquisition, analysis, remote monitoring facilities.
2. Supply a DC constant voltage constant current from a programmable power supply (PPS)to DUT to protect the damage through the test.
3. Supply AC220V/110V AC from AC source, voltage, frequency, and trip protection are essential.
4. Dynamic test: test the voltage, current, waveform, frequency at the test point you assigned, and simulation the test activities through dry contact relay to realize the fully automatic test.
5. Support 14sets per card 0.5ms 1 Amp high-speed dry contact relay card, maximum 42 sets contact relay to realize the manipulation of the test. 6.Support 10 sets per card maximum 30 sets 16A/250V high current dry relay contact facility to explain the additional power module for this system. 7. Flexible architecture: combine 3/6/11 wires measurement, you can choose the best solution for your test need
8. Digital input function:32 channels per switch card, maximum 256 channels digital input to monitor the test data on the DUT