Abrasion Test Machines

UP-1013 Lubricating Abrasion Analyzer Oil Friction Tester

UP-1013 Lubricating Abrasion Analyzer  Oil Friction Tester(图1)UP-1013 Lubricating Abrasion Analyzer  Oil Friction Tester(图2)

Lubricating Abrasion Analyzer / Oil Friction Tester

1.The motor adopts whole aluminum materialwithlarge power, compact structure, good-looking appearance, excellent heat exchange,
non-vibration or magnetic flux leakage, and is equipped with built-in overheating protection device to greatly extend the
machine service life.
2. The machine body is streamlinedwith electroplating spray paint, adopting international popular powder coat paint finishing.
3. Withown processing center, all the axises gothrough special processing to ensure it will never be out of shape. Levers go
through hardening process (rigid) to ensure the durability of the experiment.
4. Bearingsadopt the import originalto ensure the machine concentricity and reduce vibration.
5. All the electric elements we used are of the best quality in the domestic to ensure longservice life.
6. Electricity meter is antimagneticto ensure accuracy in the process of experiment.
High Precision Antimagnetic Ampere Meter
7. Top thread changes from traditionalfixed typeto infinitely variable speed type suitable for any oil. User can adjust the top
thread to the best position according to the characteristics of oil to achieve the best test.
8. Infrared thermometeris optional part to achieve two usage on one equipment. (Optional)
Adopt All Imported Components
High Precision Insert Type Thermometer
9. In order to supply different user groups, we equipa series of products: steel ball 14 * 14, 12 * 12 two types.
10. Thenewly developediron oil box for abrasion tester is of suit(two oil boxes, two powerful magnets), suitable for any brand
of abrasion tester. You just need to take the original box oil clip off. The oil box is 0.5 mm stretch iron, one take, never
leak, never deformed, never broken, more convenient than the original plastic oil box, and the visual effect is greatly
enhanced, exact size without any oil splashing outward.

 Technical Parameter



Iron box




Weight(professional level)


Advanced power cord


Oil box


Custom diamond oil stone




Standard steel ball for   experiment