Aging Test Chamber

6124 HAST Accelerated Pressure Aging Test Machine

6124 HAST Accelerated Pressure Aging Test Machine(图1)6124 HAST Accelerated Pressure Aging Test Machine(图2)

6124 HAST Accelerated Pressure Aging Test Machine(图3)

Product Description

 HAST Accelerated Pressure Aging Test Machine is mainly to test the moisture capacity of semiconductor packaging. The products to be measured are tested under severe temperature, humidity and pressure. Moisture will infiltrate into the packaging body along the interface of colloid or colloid and wire rack. The common fault formula is caused by active metallization. Circuit breakage, or short circuit between package leads due to contamination.



Hast   Accelerated Pressure Aging Test Machine


HAST - 35

HAST - 45

HAST - 55

Internal   Dimension ΦxD (mm)




External   Dimension (mm)




Steam   Temperature Range

Steam   Temperature Range: 100~135, (143 is optional)

Steam Humidity

70~100R.H. steam   humidity adjustable

Recursive   Device

Steam in   forced-circulation

Safety   Protective Device

Water short   storage protect, over pressure protect.(have automatically/manual water   replenishing, automatically discharge pressure function )


Two layers   stainless steel plate

Safety Device

1. Safety device for the pot: If the inner box is not closed , the machine can not start
2. Safety Valve: When the inner box’s pressure higher than the machine’s undertake value, it will self-relieve.
3. Double overheat protection device: When inner box’s temperature is too high, it will alarm, and Automatic cut off the heating power.
4. Cover protection: The inner box’s cover is made of aluminum alloy, can protect the worker from scald.

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