Aging Test Chamber

UP-6117 B Sunlight Environmental Simulation Equipment

UP-6117 B Sunlight Environmental Simulation Equipment(图1)

Sunlight Environmental Simulation Equipment Solar Radiation Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Climatic Aging Test Chamber

 Xenon Aging Test Chamber,is designed to simulate full sunlight spectrum to produce destructive effect on material.The chamber can simulates the light, temperature, rainfall (spray) and condensing (humidity), is mainly used to test aging resistance of products or spare parts affected by natural environment, it tests the material aging-resistant performance in sunlight, rain, temperature and humidity, you can know the products quality at a very short time, such as the depigmentation, transmissivity, gloss, peeling, hard, softening. 



1. Equipped with black-board temperature meter to adjust temperature inside the chamber.

2. Xenon lighting time control.

3. Spraying period control.

4. Water recycling.

5. Automatic constancy of water temperature (cooling of recycling water)

6. Spraying, lighting, temperature, humidity and rotating platform can be controlled separately. 

7. Equipped with viewing window.

8. Water shortage / over-temperature alarm.

9. Equipped with irradiance meter to show current light intensity inside the chamber.

10.LCD Touch Screen Controller,  programmable of temperature, moisture, sun and rain

11.Humidity: 50-98%RH

12.Temperature: RT to 80C (-20 to 80C as option)

13.Blackboard Temperature: 55-100

14.Light Source: Xenon Lamp

15.Spray Nozzle: 2mm