IP Dustproof Test Chamber

  • UP-6316 Dust Test Chamber
UP-6316 Dust Test Chamber

UP-6316 Dust Test Chamber

Product Description:
Ingress Protection Test Equipment IP Dust Test Chamber IP68 Test Chamber are made for the simulation of dust and sand conditions. These dust test chambers are used to test the exposure of test the exposure of automotive and electronic components under extreme environmental conditions in order to validate product seal.Dust ingress test methods included IEC60529, ISO20653 and many others.

The sand and dust test chamber to meet the Mil-Std-810,the national standard GB4208-2008, IEC60529-2001 "enclosure protection (IP code);
GB/T2423.37-2006, IEC60068-2-68: 1994 "Basic environmental testing for electric and electronic products Part 2 Test L: Dust and sand."
The rotating electrical overall structure protection (IP code) in GB/T4942.1 classification;
The GB-T4942.2 low-voltage electrical enclosure protection class;
GB10485 "car and trailer exterior lighting device basic environmental testing;
GB2423.37 sand and dust test method;
GB7001 the shell lamps Protection class classification criteria.

The main technical parameters:

Internal size: (D*W*H)

500*600*500mm    800*800*800mm

Metal screen nominal wire diameter


Nominal spacing between lines


Sand dust dosage


Test dust

Dry talc, Portland cement, tobacco through gray

Airflow speed


Vibration time

09999min  adjustable

Fan cycle time

09999min  adjustable 



Mirror SUS304 stainless steel


A3 steel sheet electrostatic painting

Observation window

SUS304 High quality stainless steel 

Meet the test method


GB4208-2008IEC60529-2001Shell protection level (IP code)

GB/T2423.37-2006IEC60068-2-681994Electrical and electronic products basic environmental test section 2 test L: dust test》。

GB/T4942.1Rotating machine of the whole structure of the protection level (IP code) classification

GB-T4942.2Low voltage electrical shell protection level

GB10485Automobile and trailer exterior lighting device of the basic environmental test》;

GB2423.37Sand dust test method

GB7001Lamps and lanterns shell protection level classification criteria.



Dust test chamber is simulated have dust climate environment on sample was dust test and the test experiment box; Suitable for electronic electrician product IPX5, 6 simulation test (shell dust test)