Temp Humi/Climate Test Chamber

UP6195W Temperature Humidity Walk In Room

UP6195W Temperature Humidity Walk In Room(图1)UP6195W Temperature Humidity Walk In Room(图2)

Air Cooling Environmental Test Chamber Constant Temperature Humidity Walk In Room

 Walk in temperature humidity test machine is used for light-duty testing or long-term steady-state evaluation of pharmaceuticals and other products to do the low temperature,high temperature,the charge of high low temperature,constant humidity and heating,high-low temperature alternating humidity and heating test. Provide large-scale parts,semi-finished product,finished product for large-scale temperature and humidity testing environment space for industry.It mainly composed of control panel,switchboard, monisturizing base plate blower,heating machine,humidity machine,refrigerator.




1.Modular insulation panel, CAM hook, Installation is simple, easy to install

2.Refrigeration: R22, R404A, Glycol Secondary Refrigerant
3.Temperature Range:

From -160,-150,-120,-100,-80,-70,-60,-40,-20,0~+150,200,250,300,400,500
4.Room Size: According to the customer request design 
5.Functions: Keep Fresh, Frozen, Quick-Freeze, Fire-Proof

6.The world famous brand refrigeration fittings

7.Long life cycle

8.PID controller,easy to operation and management

9.Defrost Type: Electric defrosting,water defrosting

10.High efficiency and energy saving design